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The Term Business Intelligence ( BI ) seems to be very popular nowadays and everyone seems to have an opinion on how it should be used. You can read an endless number of articles on the subject but very few commentators seem to give concrete measures on how to extract information from business processes and put this information to good use to improve a company's performance.

It's all very well gathering information, but if this process is complex it will require highly skilled and expensive staff which may negate the benefits of BI to the company. On the one hand you are trying to use BI to improve the way you do business, but on the other hand you are creating a whole new expensive infrastructure to manage the process.

The reason why existing BI processes are complex and expensive is because the Management software systems which are commonly used by companies are fragmented and many of the processes are not fully automated. Spread sheets are often used to collate and analyse information. Unfortunately, by the time all the information has been collected and processed, it is already outdated and not very useful.

What is required for BI to be effective, is for the information to be gathered automatically by your Business Management system and this must happen in real time with every single process. The information must then be sorted automatically by the software and sent to the relevant reports at the precise time that it arrives in the system. This is how the "SOMS" Business Intelligence system works.

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  • BI in "SOMS" does not require manual intervention.
  • BI in "SOMS" is fully automated.
  • BI in "SOMS" is extremely detailed and always 100% accurate.

We don't have to tell you how it's done, we can simply give you an idea of what it can do.

Imagine been able to view reports for a specific product that you sell without having to collect and download any information. Imagine been able to see how many units of that product were sold over a certain period of time. Imagine been able to analyse this further by looking at the quantities sold per customer. Then looking at the GP that you achieved for this product over that period (overall and by customer). Maybe you even want to view the sales per branch or per salesperson. You may even want to know which suppliers were the most cost effective to deal with for that particular product.

All of these reports are automated in "SOMS". each piece of information that comes in to "SOMS" is instantly and automatically directed to one or more reports. "SOMS" comes equipped with a number of standard reports which we believe are useful to any business. However, should you require specific reports which are not already in the system, then we would consider adding them for you.

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How to use BI

An efficient BI system should be more than simply analysing data and compiling reports, it should guide you in your decision making. The system should be able to use the data which it has organised for you and help you create scenarios which can be implemented to improve all aspects of your business.

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