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Online Accounting Software

Automated Accounting Software

"SOMS" is online business management software and accounting is the last piece of the puzzle.

In "SOMS" the accounting is mostly done automatically in the background, it requires very little human intervention.

Because it is online, your accountant can access your accounting system from anywhere.


Automatic posting of accounting data

Accounting data, which is created throughout the course of the day in all areas of your business, is processed automatically by "SOMS". The system knows intuitively which Ledger Accounts to update when transactions take place.

When an invoice is generated for a customer, "SOMS" will extract all the accounting information from this invoice and post it to the relevant Ledger Accounts. The V.A.T. Account, the Accounts Receivable Account, the Revenue Account, the Cost of Sales Account, the Inventory account, etc. will all be updated automatically.

The same process and level of automation takes place with accounting data which is generated from supplier transactions.


Bank Accounts & Cash

There is a place in "SOMS" where you create all of your Bank Accounts, your Credit Cards, your Merchant Accounts, your Petty Cash Box and any other Cash Till where money is deposited during the normal course of business. All of these Accounts are active in "SOMS", they work just like your Bank Statement, updating the account balance each time a transaction is processed.

The "SOMS" Bank Account Statements are a mirror image of your actual Bank Statements.

More Detail

Financial Month End

At the end of each month, "SOMS" creates month end reports and saves them automatically.

These include: 

  • A debtors report
  • A creditors report
  • A stock report
The V.A.T. reports are saved at the end of each V.A.T. period.



V.A.T. Categories

In "SOMS" you can set the V.A.T. Category that applies to your business so that the reports are compiled to suit your specific requirements. All reports are automated, so the setting is important.

How V.A.T. is handled by SOMS

In "SOMS", the V.A.T. calculations, the V.A.T. reports and the final determination of amounts payable or refundable are all sorted out automatically.

Whenever you generate an invoice for a customer in "SOMS", the system knows instinctively the V.A.T. rates to apply to each product or service. It also knows the type of goods or services that are invoiced (capital goods, exported goods, etc.).

V.A.T Reports

In "SOMS", your V.A.T. reports are generated automatically and updated each time you create an invoice or credit note for a customer or whenever you upload an invoice or credit note from a supplier.

There are three V.A.T. reports that are generated simultaneously in "SOMS", the V.A.T. Output report, the V.A.T. Input report and the V.A.T. Payable / Refundable report.

All invoices, slips, credit notes and refunds are automatically added to the relevant reports as they are created in your "SOMS" system. 

"SOMS" separates your V.A.T. categories automatically in the reports. Your export invoices for example are listed separately to your local invoices.