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Customer Statements

Customer Statements of account are created automatically by "SOMS".

Whenever an Invoice, Credit Note, Refund or Payment is generated for a customer, "SOMS" automatically posts it to the Statement.

All Statements can be accessed by your customers via the Customer Console at any time.

All items listed in the Statement (invoices, credit notes, payments and refunds) are clickable and can be opened to view and print. Therefore your customers do not have to exit the Statement to view any of these documents.

In "SOMS" there are several variations of the Statement for each Customer:


Monthly Statement

The Monthly Statement is emailed automatically by "SOMS" on a predetermined date which you have set, usually in the first week of the new month. In the Customer Management system you pre-select the Customer Staff Members who will receive the emailed Statement. These people could be at the Head Office of the company or at a Branch.


Running Statement

Unlike the Monthly Statement which has a cut off date (the last day of the month),the Running Statement reflects all invoices, credit notes, payments and refunds right up to the present time. The customer can therefore, at a glance, see all the transactions that have taken place in the current month.

Running Statements are available in the Customer Console. Unlike the monthly statement, they are not automatically emailed by the system.


Full Statement

The Full Statement shows all transactions (invoices, credit notes, payments and refunds) going back 12 months.


Branch Statement

Some companies (customers) may have more than one Branch, it is therefore imperative that your system generates and sends the correct Statement to each Branch and to Head Office so that you can get paid promptly by your customer."SOMS" does this automatically for you.


All Branches Statement

In "SOMS", you select the customer staff members who will receive automatically emailed statements. 

In the case of a customer with many branches, you want the accounts manager at the head office to receive a monthly statement that will reflect all of these branches. SOMS will send such a statement to the selected customer staff member.