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"SOMS" is a vast network of connections which enables an incredible degree of automation.

The best way to demonstrate that "SOMS" is a fully Automated Business Management System is by way of an example:

  • Your customer logs in to the Customer Login Console where he places an order for some of your products.

  • Before he submits the order, he clicks on the Preview button and "SOMS" automatically creates a proforma document of his order, which includes unit prices, the discount he is entitled to, V.A.T., totals due, etc.

  • If the customer has an account with you, his credit limit will appear on the screen. Once he has placed the order, 'SOMS" will automatically calculate the balance of his credit limit. Should he exceed the limit, a message will automatically be displayed on his screen advising him to contact you.

  • If you have created a customised price list for this customer, "SOMS" will automatically insert these prices into his order, otherwise the system will simply use the prices from your general price list.

  • The discount, which has been preset for this customer, is automatically included in the order.

  • Once the customer has placed the order, by providing an order number and clicking on the Generate Order button, "SOMS" automatically alerts you in your Admin Console Dashboard and by email of this order.

  • You can now preview the order and if you wish to accept it without any changes, you simply click on the Generate Invoice button and "SOMS" will automatically generate a Tax Invoice. An automated email, carrying a link to this invoice, will be sent to the person who placed the order as well as to all other customer staff (in the accounts department) who have been ticked off in your system to receive cc invoices.

  • At the time that "SOMS" creates the Tax Invoice, it also automatically creates a Packing List / Delivery note which appears in your storekeeper's dashboard in the Admin Console. He is therefore alerted immediately of any orders that need to be processed.

  • In the meantime your customer's Monthly Statement and your V.A.T. report have been updated automatically.

  • The stock levels of your products are automatically adjusted 

  • The Invoice is automatically included in the customer's Payment Remittance.

  • Should you not have enough stock available to complete the order, "SOMS" will automatically create a list of the products that need to be sourced from suppliers.

  • "SOMS" will then automatically only select the suppliers who are able to provide these products and it will automatically create enquiries which can be sent to them by email with a simple click of a button. The enquiry system in "SOMS" is totally automated and therefore suppliers will not be asked to quote on products that they are not able to supply, "SOMS" sorts this out for you.

  • If the customer is a company registered in a foreign country, 'SOMS" will automatically show your export number on the invoice and it will automatically exclude the V.A.T. from the invoice. "SOMS" will also automatically select the currency that applies to that customer.